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Reservierung für das Restaurant empfohlen.

Restaurant von Freitag bis Dienstag ab 17 Uhr geöffnet

Mittwoch und Donnerstag Ruhetag




Liebe anreisende Hausgäste, bitte beachten Sie, 

dass wir ohne frühzeitige Tischreservierung 

nicht immer einen Tisch im Restaurant 

für Sie frei halten können! 

Vielen Dank für Ihr Verständnis.

Nur telefonisch

83735  BAYRISCHZELL  -  Geitau 20 

Servus & Bonjour

Bavarian specialties and French soul

Spoiled by life!

When good things come together, one can speak of good luck.

We have the extraordinary opportunity to live and work in Geitau / Bayrischzell, one of the most beautiful places in the world. Surrounded by everything we need to cater to our valued guests, it is not difficult for us to do this with the greatest joy and passion.

We combine Bavarian tradition and the highly valued, regional products with the French way of life and present this combination to you in constantly changing dishes and menus. Don't expect "haute cuisine", we combine down-to-earth with cultivated charm.

Day tickets, snacks, the changing of the seasons, special promotions, such as "crepe evenings".

We invite you to visit us and let us surprise you. We would be happy to reserve a table for you.

Thank you very much and welcome!

The Delgay family

Annette & Alain Delgay

Restaurant & parlor

For your small, big and beautiful moments

Cozy, but timeless.

that is our creed. We have designed our guest room so that everyone can feel comfortable. Valuable, old wood and processed into a successful interior design by experienced craftsmen, which in combination with our kitchen ideas represents a stimulating combination.

You will feel comfortable


Always fresh. Good shopping. The region comes first.

Our landscape, our immediate surroundings are important to us. We know the farmers and artisans from our area. They are familiar with care and sustainability. We trust them and are happy and proud to be supplied by them.

Vegetables and meat, eggs and flour are a pleasure for us. We make the noodles ourselves. And if you want to eat vegetarian, that's not a problem for us,

but one of the passions that we cultivate.

Fisch auf einer Platte
"There is nothing better than a friend
unless it's a friend with good food .. ”

- Linda Grayson -

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