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Vacation is luxury ...
... if you approach your dreams - and even get them fulfilled.
We have no cruise feeling or anything like that here in the valley.
We have nature!
When you leave our house, you will see the nature that has developed over centuries.
Cultivated for agriculture and livestock farming, left as wild as the animals that live here in the mountains need them.
Deer, capercaillie, beaver .....
In summer the cattle on the mountain pastures, in winter the chamois on the steep slopes.
Authentic - that is your keyword.
And silence!
We have no car traffic with us in Geitau. We are a dead end. We border directly on the mountains.
a privilege which we ourselves very much appreciate and guard.
Families can let off steam here, go on horse-drawn carriage rides, hiking and cycling.
Children's hiking trail with a stop.
Walking with llamas.
Herbal walks.
Or swimming and boating in the Schliersee.
We have an idyllic outdoor pool in Bayrischzell.
Or take the cable car to the 1839m high Wendelstein.
Very popular again and very comfortable in Bayrischzell: Kneipp.
Absolutely clean, fresh mountain water, crystal clear lets you feel the inexhaustible nature.
Or just walk along the streams and watch the beaver buildings and trout.
Take a healthy vacation. We are a climatic mountain village at 800m altitude.
Infinitely far without encountering traffic again. A privilege.
And sport !
Mountain biking in summer, walking with and without a guide, or hiking.
In winter you are at the cross-country ski run after 50 meters and the ski bus takes you to the lift in 30 minutes,
which puts Germany's largest, most family-friendly ski area under the plank.
Take a snowshoe guide. Particularly attractive in the evening and at night.
You can glide in good conditions. The small airfield is 1000m away.
Hang gliding, gliding from Sudelfeld via Bayrischzell.
And around it ...
The train station is 900m away. From Munich Central Station you drive 1 hour 15 minutes.
By car: Chiemsee 66 minutes. Tegernsee 20 minutes. Lake Starnberg 60 minutes.
Salzburg, Innsbruck, Munich 70 minutes each.
Museums, monasteries, castles ......
You won't get bored!
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